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Why Use Robison-Anton
Embroidery & Quilting Thread?

If you've never used Robison-Anton embroidery thread in your home embroidery machine, you've been missing out!

Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread

It's the home embroidery market's leading thread for many reasons - here are are just a few:

  • Smooth, easy running in all machines
    Robinson-Anton thread was originally developed for commercial embroiderers who don't have time for thread breaks - lost time = lost money in commercial embroidery. Now home embroiderers get the benefit of Robinson-Anton's commercial quality. Fewer thread breaks mean more time embroidering and less time threading needles!
  • More thread per spool
    Robison-Anton embroidery thread contains 1100 yards per mini-king spool (700 yards per spool for variegated and Twister Tweed), which is far more than many competing threads.
  • Thread won't fall off the spool
    Robinson-Anton emboridery thread utilizes a special winding process that prevents the thread from falling off the spool -- it won't unwind until you want it to!
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
    Robison-Anton embroidery thread is processed and dyed in the United States, using imported fibers. By controlling the entire process, Robison-Anton is able to produce thread with quality and consistency that you can depend on. Most other thread available to the home embroiderer is made in China or elsewhere, with marginal quality control.

It's not the cheapest thread, but it's certainly the best!

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Care Instructions for garments embroidered with Robison-Anton thread

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