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Robison-Anton Twister Tweed 21-Spool Package

Twister Tweed™ embroidery thread is one of the newest innovations from Robison-Anton. Instead of the traditional variegated embroidery thread, where a single strand changes from one color to another, Twister Tweed thread is two different colored strands, twisted together to form a dual color embroidery thread. This gives a more "3-D" effect to your embroidery designs.

Each spool in this collection of 21 colors contains 700 yards of 40-weight Rayon embroidery thread.

The Twister Tweed Package contains all 21 colors and includes a FREE 60 spool rack.

21 Twister Tweeds w/Rack

** Out Of Stock **
Color Thread Name
79081 "American Twist" Tweed 79081 "American Twist" Tweed
79011 "Aster" Tweed 79011 "Aster" Tweed
79041 "Azure" Tweed 79041 "Azure" Tweed
79020 "Baby Pink" Tweed 79020 "Baby Pink" Tweed
79070 "Bear Brown" Tweed 79070 "Bear Brown" Tweed
79060 "Gold Reef" Tweed 79060 "Gold Reef" Tweed
79080 "Holiday Season" Tweed 79080 "Holiday Season" Tweed
79010 "Hot Passion" Tweed 79010 "Hot Passion" Tweed
79052 "Irish Green" Tweed 79052 "Irish Green" Tweed
79050 "Jumping Juniper" Tweed 79050 "Jumping Juniper" Tweed
79062 "Mandarin Yellow" Tweed 79062 "Mandarin Yellow" Tweed
79053 "Mistletoe" Tweed 79053 "Mistletoe" Tweed
79061 "Moonlight" Tweed 79061 "Moonlight" Tweed
79005 "Silvery Gray" Tweed 79005 "Silvery Gray" Tweed
79030 "Sizzling Pink" Tweed 79030 "Sizzling Pink" Tweed
79031 "Spicy Red" Tweed 79031 "Spicy Red" Tweed
79083 "Spring Garden" Tweed 79083 "Spring Garden" Tweed
79082 "Summer Breeze" Tweed 79082 "Summer Breeze" Tweed
79051 "Summer Green" Tweed 79051 "Summer Green" Tweed
79040 "Van Gogh Blue" Tweed 79040 "Van Gogh Blue" Tweed
79000 "Zebra" Tweed 79000 "Zebra" Tweed
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