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Robison-Anton Swirling Sensations 40-Pack Embroidery Thread Package


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This package includes all 40 colors in the Robison-Anton Swirling Sensations collection, offered at a discount from the per-spool price. Swirling Sensations is a new specialty thread from Robison-Anton consisting of two exciting Rayon thread colors "swirled" together for endless design possibilities.

Each 35-weight Mini-King spool contains 700 yards of high-quality Robison-Anton Rayon embroidery thread.

Purchased separately, the thread in the package would cost $231.60 - you save $36.61!

This package includes the following Robison-Anton embroidery thread colors:

ColorThread Name
SS001 Moon Mulberry
SS002 Deep Ocean
SS003 Unbreakable China
SS004 Kissable
SS005 Spring Lawn
SS006 Creamsicle
SS007 Spanish Box
SS008 Candy Cane
SS009 Wood Grain
SS010 Carribbean Wave
SS011 Summer Lilly
SS012 Dark Velvet Rose
SS013 Light Oak
SS014 Apple Orchard
SS015 Baby Girl
SS016 Marble
SS017 Soapstone
SS018 Peacock Feather
SS019 Early Dawn
SS020 Pale Blue
SS021 Sachet
SS022 Golden Hair
SS023 Spiced Pumpkin
SS024 Auburn Hair
SS025 Antique Lace
SS026 Fall Fields
SS027 Antique Plum
SS028 Country Hue
SS029 Faded Flamingo
SS030 Bahamas
SS031 Vanilla Caramel
SS032 Salem Maple
SS033 Brookstone
SS034 Green Pond
SS035 Purple Swirl
SS036 West Coast Sunset
SS037 Redhead
SS038 Spun Gold
SS039 Tropical Sand
SS040 Pilgrim Blue

Please note: We have attempted to match the colors of the threads as closely as possible. However, due to monitor differences and other limitations, the actual color of the thread may be slightly different than displayed. For an exact reference, we recommend that you order your own color card.

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