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Robison-Anton Polyester Top 100 Kit with Wooden Rack Embroidery Thead Package


This package contains 100 "mini-king" spools of Robison-Anton"s most popular colors. Each spool contains 1,100 yards of quality Polyester thread.

With all these colors, you will never have to compromise on artistry with your designs because you lack the perfect shade.

The "Top 100 Kit" comes with a beautiful wooden rack that holds 150 spools of thread. It has long legs that fold out for table top or floor storage, or it can be hung on any wall

Purchased individually, this package would cost $541.99!

In Stock for immediate shipment.

Shipped FREE in the Lower 48 States!

This package includes the following Robison-Anton embroidery thread colors:

ColorThread Name
5597 Snow White
5635 Ivory
5616 Celery
5543 Light Pink
9101 Shallow Green
5523 Pink
5761 Wheat
5564 Maize
5703 Oyster
5553 Flesh Pink
5640 Pearl Gray
5855 Pastel Green
9070 Heather Mist
9160 Coast Point
5610 Mint Julep
5625 Lemon
5860 Moonbeam
9067 Arden Lavender
5583 Paris Blue
5586 Tulip
9047 Shangri La
5626 Daffodil
5785 Saturn Gray
5542 Goldenrod
5559 Wild Pink
9113 Melville
5776 Seashell
5506 Baby Blue
5638 Bamboo
5763 Merit Gold
5733 Ultra Blue
9061 Summer Splendor
5594 Melon
5619 Green Oak
5621 Pastoral Green
5574 Steel Gray
9038 Deviled Orange
9141 Sea Glass
9025 Pink Pompas
9011 Poker Primrose
9125 Rice Paper
9086 French Toast
5578 Moss
7712 Azalea
5769 Dark Texas Orange
5789 Wicker
5601 Oriental Blue
5513 Yellow
9135 Decorator Tan
5801 Cerulean
5704 Cinder
9048 Amanda Lavender
5502 Olive
5823 China Blue
9087 Happy Trail
5779 Almond
5767 Orangeade
5771 Shimmering Gold
5575 Slate Blue
7713 Honeysuckle
5595 Copper
9117 Gray Flannel
5524 Beige
5781 Hazel
5563 Foxy Red
5501 Old Gold
5505 Dark Rust
5690 Peppermint
5519 Scarlet
5561 Ruby Glint
5757 Green Dust
5678 Red
5520 Blue
5722 Ducky Mauve
9031 Dark Melody
5749 Fern Green
5540 Kelly
5609 Teal
5510 Royal
5580 Sapphire
9075 Favorite Deep Blue
5549 Burgundy
5552 Russet
5812 Irish Green
5554 Purple
9145 Endicott Bay
5526 Meadow
5755 Green Bay
5810 Peacock
5803 Deep Purple
5527 Chocolate
5777 Sand Dune
5551 Brown
5615 Evergreen
5565 Charcoal
5623 Holly
5824 PN Navy (24)
5672 Dark Brown
5515 Navy
5596 Black

Please note: We have attempted to match the colors of the threads as closely as possible. However, due to monitor differences and other limitations, the actual color of the thread may be slightly different than displayed. For an exact reference, we recommend that you order your own color card.

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